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    The Present Continuous



    The Present Continuous

    مُساهمة  زائر في الجمعة فبراير 12, 2010 3:41 pm

    Definition : The present continuous is a tense that speaks in the present. It is happening now and it is a long action .

    Positif form: ^^Sub+am/ are/ is + verb (ing) +C
    Ex:1- I'am playing foot ball now.
    2- He is playing foot ball now
    3- She is playing foot ball now.
    4- Maria and Toby are playing foot ball now.
    N.B: Verbs ending with "e" we omit it:
    EX: (To write)
    Iam writing a letter now .
    Ex:1- Ronaldinho plays soccer.
    2- Ronaldinho is playing soccer (now).
    N.B : Verb ending with "Y" we don't omit it.
    it: (what) is ( are + sub + v (ing) ?
    EX: what are you doing now?
    me:Iam eating my lunch.
    you: What is Mery doing now?
    me : She is listening to music .
    you : What is Toby doing now?
    me: He is watching T.V.

    ******** Time indications ********
    Now Or At the moment
    1- She usually goes to school a lone.
    2- Now, he is revisiong his lessons.
    3- At the moment, Mery is stadying french but she doesnt stady it .

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