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    Simple Past



    Simple Past

    مُساهمة  زائر في السبت فبراير 13, 2010 3:56 pm

    To be

    I wase not
    You were not
    He was not
    She was not
    It was not
    We were not
    You were not
    They were not

    Interrogative : were you at school - last week or yesterday
    Yes, i was / no, i was not

    ?Omar= wher are you now
    . Ali = I'm in class
    ?Omar= and yesterday
    Ali= I was in khnifra
    ?Omar= And wher when were you last holidays
    Ali = I was in Agadir


    : Adverbs

    ?Adjective=> noun * Jane = Do you live in a big or small house
    .Robert= I like in a small house
    ?Adverb => verb * Jane = do you prefer read silently or loudly
    Robert= Well, i prefer te read silently to understand and loudly to prononnce well

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